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Honda CB300R / CB250R Review



Honda CB250R / CB300R Review

Honda CB300R, which is in our opinion, one of the best beginner bikes for its class. And I should say that, travelling within a city, with such high traffic density, like Istanbul, is a piece of cake, with this bike. It is agile enough, handling and lane filtering, can be done with much ease. Let’s take a closer look at this bike.

This bike has its “cafe racer” DNA from its predecessors. The “Neo Sports Cafe” design by Honda, is more likely coming from the past, but the technology it includes, is totally new.

As you can see, it is quite a small naked bike. Its kerb weight is, around 145 kilograms, which allows for easy handling.

When you compare this bike’s weight, with those whose engines are much smaller, such as the Yamaha MT-125, (which weighs 140 kilograms, by the way) and the Honda CB 125R (that weighs 126 kilograms), I would say this bike, provides almost double the power (for the same weight class).

The great thing about that is, if you are a rider, who likes riding light and agile bikes, this bike is “almost a perfect choice” for you.

I will talk about why, I refer to it as, “almost a perfect choice” later.

Well, I don’t want to compare its weight with the Yamaha MT-03 and other twin-cylinder bikes. It won’t be fair to do that.

This single cylinder at the heart of this bike, has a punchy torque for its engine size.


If you need instant pick up while in traffic, just open the throttle, and it provides you the power you need.

And I can say that this torque, is starting from 3k rpms, and going through to 10k rpms without any lack.

Even if you are in 6th gear and revving at about 3.5k rpms, it doesn’t matter.

Every time you open the throttle a bit more, you can get the power that you want.

But I should say that things are little different, when it comes to travelling long distance, as the top speed is around 160 kilometers.

You do not want to go beyond 120 with this bike. The fuel consumption over the speed of 120, is drastically higher, even with a single cylinder.

However, if you just want to cruise, at around 100 to 120, it is relatively good and stable.

Furthermore, consumption is fairly acceptable between these speeds.

The instrumentation board is good enough.

I mean it is not as good as the KTM Duke 390’s, but it is still okay.

Even though it has a lot of functions, such as instant consumption, consumption per 100 kilometers, clock, fuel, rev, odometer, Trip A, Trip B, things like that. THERE IS NO GEAR INDICATOR!

Oh my Gosh Honda why are you doing this? it is a beginner bike isn’t it?

If I were a beginner, of course I would like to be able to see which gear I am in.

Bloody hell, even the CB125R has this function. Anyway, I suppose beginners can make do without it. (fingerscrossed)

I have mentioned about fuel consumption a few times, and you might be thinking “c’mon what the hell is this bikes fuel efficiency”.

Yeah this is one of the best things about this bike. Our, average consumption is at 3.2 Litre per 100 kilometers.

In fact it is just smelling the petrol and not drinking it like a fish.

Okay, we can agree on the cost efficiency of this bike.

What about comfort? Is it comfy? It can be comfy; actually it depends on what your expectations are.

As a naked bike, it is not the most comfortable bike, but at the same time it isn’t the most uncomfortable.

On the front wheel, we have a single disc brake and calipers from Nissin Kogyo, which is partly owned by Honda.

It feels clean and smooth when you apply them.

When it comes to stopping, the stopping distance is quite predictable.

For enhanced safety, it has IMU (inertial movement unit) ABS system which calculates inertial forces.

The reaction of the ABS also gives you that added safety feeling.

Besides that, we have these Showa suspensions, (by the way Showa is also majority owned by Honda. Anyway) They are amazing!

I definitely think that, these Showa suspensions, are the best thing about this bike.

It feels great and they are really stable.

Okay, I admit that we have been talking about the front side of the bike for a while, but there is more to it.

Honda CB250R

It has LED headlights which are extremely bright.

And also, these LED indicator lamps, stays on, until, you switch off your bike.

This gives you more visibility, which is great for safety.

Now let’s move on to the back.

On the rear side of the bike, we have an adjustable rear suspension.

The factory default is at Level 2 but it is easy to adjust.

The softest option is Level 1, but if you want to make it harder, adjust it, up to Level 7.

It comes with Dunlop Tyres, which has always been reliable on dry road conditions.

These Dunlops, Showas, Nissin’s OMG. When it all comes together, it makes this bike a tiny little cornering beast.

We have talked about the good stuff but there are some downsides to it.

This tank has just 10 liters capacity.

Unless you like visiting petrol stations very often, this bike can annoy you.

The range is about 300 kilometers and I think this is not far enough.

Of course some may find it sufficient, but for me, I don’t want to take a trip to the petrol station twice a week.

The side-stand is a bit odd, I must say.

If the ground is not flat, it might not be stable enough to prop up your bike properly.

Your pretty little tiny bike, can tumble to the ground, and we do not want it to happen.

Watch where you park!

If you want to do some long journeys with a pillion, I don’t recommend you to do that with this bike.

Another downside about this bike is, the lack of genuine accessories.

Man this is an important factor for a lot of people. Hey Honda, produce some accessories for this bike please!


And nowadays everyone is talking about the Euro 5 regulations, safety standards etc.

But some bikes still doesn’t have hazard flasher system? WHY?

What should I do when there is an emergency???

It is just a button mate, how hard can it be, to add it somewhere????

Oh I should mention this again, before I forget, ADD a gear indicator Honda. ADD IT Geez. I know YOU CAN DO IT. :/

And the last thing to consider is the rider’s height

If you are around 1.8 metre like me, let me give you a bit of a warning.

I find the handle bars are too close to your chest.

It tends to be uncomfortable and not so ergonomic for people who are 1.8 meters and above.

Even though I don’t have a hunch back, this bike is forcing me to sit like a hunch back.

You should seriously consider this.

To sum up, we have a great affordable bike here, and the current retail prices in some big markets are (~6.500 AUD, ~5.000 Euros, ~5.000 USD, 241.000 Indian Rupee)

The made is good, the feeling is good.

This bike showcases Honda’s quality.

It is cheap when it comes to purchasing and operating it.

The design is also cool.

What else do we expect from this kind of bike?

A fairly good deal.. That’s what!

If you are looking for a bike that is easy to use, has good quality and low price point, you might want to shortlist the Honda’s CB250R and CB300R!

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